Panasonic nanoeX (F-PXU70MWL)



The nanoeX Air Purification System is a groundbreaking technology that comes with the tick of approval from the Asthma Council of Australia’s Sensitive Choice Program. Dive into an environment where the air is fresher and purer, as the nanoeX system actively neutralises and inhibits a spectrum of five major pollutants.

Breathe easier with the inclusion of a high-efficiency particulate air filter, designed to capture minuscule particles above 0.3μm at an incredible rate of 99.97%. From pollen to dust mites, nothing escapes its grasp. Ever been annoyed by the lingering scent of cigarette smoke? This dynamic system can significantly reduce it within just an hour!

Stay informed with the PM2.5 digital display, giving you a real-time concentration reading. Wondering about odours? Our three-level odour indicator ensures you’re always in the know. And for those with spacious areas, rest assured, our system is perfect for rooms up to 95 square meters – that’s a third of a tennis court! Plus, with an amplified performance boasting a 360m³/hr CADR, coverage is both vast and effective.

Worried about energy bills? With a maximum power consumption of 36W, the system is as economical as it is efficient. And when it’s time to wind down, the Sleep Mode offers a dimmed display light and operates whisper-quiet at just 18db. Dimensions? A sleek 362mm W x 280mm D x 560mm H.

Technical Specifications