Philips Air Purifier 2000I with App Control



The Philips Air Purifier 2000i Series boasts a triple-filter system that eliminates up to 99.97% of detrimental contaminants, including airborne allergens like pollen, dust, mould, and pet remnants.** Indoor air pollutants, often unseen and overlooked, can arise from sources like cooking, household products, or even brand-new furniture.

**It filters 99.97% of pollen/dust from the air that moves through the filter. Integrated intelligent sensors consistently identify indoor air threats, such as allergens and unseen particulates. These sensors monitor the air at a rate of 60,000 times per minute, providing instantaneous responses to any detected pollutants.

In under 9 minutes, this purifier can refresh a 20m2 space.***

You can effortlessly toggle between its four settings: Auto, Sleep, Gentle, and Turbo.

***This calculation is based on the assumption that the air passing through the filter is cleaned once, considering its CADR of 400m3/h and a room volume of 48m3.

Technical Specifications