Carbon Filter Air Purifiers

Carbon filter air purifiers work via a process known as adsorption – using both a chemical and physical filter to attract and capture airborne particles and odorous compounds. This makes them a great option for reducing smells in your home, however they’re less effective at removing allergens and bacteria. 

What Is An Activated Carbon Filter?

Activated carbon filters, sometimes referred to as activated charcoal filters, are extremely porous pieces of treated carbon which use a large combined surface area to absorb airborne contaminants. 

Through a process known as ‘adsorption’, airborne organic compounds experience a chemical reaction with the activated carbon causing them to stick to the filter. 

Carbon filter air purifiers are thought to be the best option for removing smoke & smells caused by smoking, pets and other odour sources, however they’re not as effective at trapping bacteria & allergens. 

If you’re looking for an air purifier to improve the air quality of your home, we recommend you look for a model which incorporates a HEPA filter to provide the highest levels of air purification.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, activated carbon air purifier filters can not be washed. Water alone will not be enough to wash off the chemicals which have bonded with the carbon. We recommend you consult your manufacturers specifications.  

The lifespan of the activated carbon filter in your air purifier will depend on frequency of usage. Typically activated carbon filters last 4 to 6 months however you should check with the manufacturers recommendations.