Winix Australia Zero+ PRO 5-Stage



Experience the latest breakthroughs in purification with 5 advanced stages, powered by PlasmaWave 3.0 technology. This state-of-the-art system includes a specialized Pet Filter, an intelligent Triple Sense Probe, a sleek Smart Air Quality Projection, and a soothing Sleep Mode. Choose from 4 customizable Fan Speeds to suit any environment.

Designed for both residential and professional settings, the AirTech PRO X5 guarantees unparalleled air purification, making it the ultimate choice for homes, workplaces, and offices alike. With Hospital Grade True HEPA filtration, it ensures complete room purification. Plus, get a head start with included start-up filters that provide continuous use for approximately 1 year.

As a proud recipient of the prestigious National Asthma Council Australia Sensitive Choice approval, CHOICE Recommendation, and Product Review Award, the AirTech PRO X5 stands out as the unrivaled PRO-level air purifier on the market. Embrace cleaner, healthier air with the AirTech PRO X5 – a true game-changer.


Technical Specifications

  1. 5-Stage Air Purification: Featuring a comprehensive 5-stage purification process to remove various airborne pollutants effectively.
  2. PlasmaWave 2.0 Technology: Advanced PlasmaWave technology helps neutralize pollutants without emitting harmful ozone.
  3. Dedicated Pet Filter: Specifically designed to capture pet dander and pet-related odors, ensuring cleaner air for pet owners.
  4. Triple Smart Sensor: Equipped with a reactive Triple Smart Sensor to detect and respond to changes in air quality for optimal performance.
  5. Smart Air Quality Display: Clear and intuitive air quality display provides real-time feedback on the air’s condition.
  6. Sleep Mode: Offers a quiet and energy-efficient Sleep Mode for undisturbed rest during the night.
  7. 4 Fan Speeds: Customizable fan speeds allow users to adjust the purification level based on their specific needs and preferences.
  8. Hospital Grade True HEPA Filtration: Utilizes high-quality True HEPA filters to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, ensuring thorough purification.
  9. Suitable for Homes and Professional Spaces: Ideal for both residential and professional environments like workplaces and offices.
  10. Start-Up Filters Included: Comes with start-up filters that provide approximately one year of continuous use, making it a convenient and long-lasting solution.