Breville The Easy Air Connect Purifier



  • Breathe easy with the Easy Air Connect Purifier by Breville, ideal for small rooms up to 25m²—your immune system’s first line of defence against allergens, dust, viruses and bacteria
  • 4-STAGE AIR PURIFICATION: Robust filtration system including true HEPA filter to reduce 99.7% of particles, pre-filter for dust, carbon filter for smoke and odours, and Microbe Shield light for bacteria and viruses
  • MICROBE SHIELD: Uses shortwave light specially designed to target bacteria and virsuses to protect your family’s immune system
  • IMMERSIVE AIRFLOW DESIGN: 360-degrees air circulation design for broader air filtration compared to flat units with single-direction airflow
  • MOBILE APP CONTROL: Control and monitor your home’s air purification on the go through your mobile with the Breville Home Connect app
  • VOICE ASSISANT: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home/Assistant to control your air purifier using just your voice

Technical Specifications

  1. Effective Air Cleaning: Provides clean and breathable air, even in homes with pets and significant dust.
  2. App Control: The purifier’s app connectivity makes it convenient to use, especially in bedrooms. It operates quietly and can detect and purify damp smells after rain or lingering cooking odours.
  3. Quiet Operation: We love the purifier’s quiet operation, which makes it suitable for use in bedrooms or other quiet spaces without causing disruptions.
  4. Smart Technology: The app feature allows users to monitor current and past air quality in the room, providing valuable insights into the air purification process.
  5. Easy Setup and Maintenance: The purifier is easy to set up and operate.
  6. Compact and Effective: Despite its small size, the purifier is highly effective at removing odours, particularly pet odours. It can efficiently freshen up a bedroom and would likely be suitable for larger spaces like living rooms.
  7. Night Mode: The purifier offers a night mode option, keeping LED lights turned off for minimal disturbance during sleep. However, it’s worth noting that on night mode, the airflow may be limited to the lowest setting.